BEN DROWNED - The Definitive Edition is the seventh episode of the fifth season of Creepy Gaming. Ben Drowned was originally covered as the final episode of the first season but was removed from YouTube.



In this episode we take a look at the controversial, much requested creepypasta, BEN DROWNED. Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more! If you have a suggestion for CREEPY GAMING let me know in the comments. Peace.


This video contains jumpscares from gameplay, not intentional screamers. For mature audiences only. In this special episode, Mullet Mike revisits (arguably) the most well known video game creepypasta of all time! Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoy!


Mike tells the story of Jadusable's controversial videos, BEN.wmv, DROWNED.wmv, JADUSABLE.wmv, free.wmv, and kingkong.wmv. Mike shows each part of the "Ben Drowned" saga in its' unedited entirety without any sort of commentary.


Creepy Gaming - BEN DROWNED *The Definitive Edition*

Creepy Gaming - BEN DROWNED *The Definitive Edition*