EARTHBOUND Giygas Inception is the seventh episode of Creepy Gaming. It was uploaded on August 22, 2012.


"xMulletMiKEx is back in a big bad way bringing you another episode of his hit web series, CREEPY GAMING. This week, xMulletMiKEx takes a look at one of the creepiest, most hardcore video game bosses of all time, Giygas, from Mother/Earthbound. Who is Giygas? Where is from? What is he about? What does he represent?  Where did the idea of Giygas come from? All this and more will be answered! Thanks for Watching! Subscribe for more!"


Mike tells how one oft he developer got the creepy idea of Giygas' design.


Creepy Gaming - Ep

Creepy Gaming - Ep.7 EARTHBOUND Giygas Inception