SUPER MARIO WORLD "I Hate You" Creepypasta is the fourth episode of the sixth season of Creepy Gaming. It was originally uploaded on July 30, 2016.


Here we go again! Join Mike as he looks at the Mario creepypasta, "I HATE YOU!" Is there a Kodoma connection? There's also a creepy fan theory regarding Luigi... Yeah, it's going to be one of THOSE episodes! So turn the lights down and the volume up. as we journey into some "CREEPY GAMING!"


The story revolves around a guy who was messing around with Game Genie codes for Super Mario World when he uncovered a hidden level called "Oh God No" after finding a misplaced key and keyhole in the Sunken Ship level.

The player entered the level, using an invincibility cheat to get through the level where he began noticing messages saying things such as "I Hate You" and "Why Won't You Die?" written on the ceiling in blood red along with many other things such as more blind Boos and Thwomps covered in blood. He soon reached a room with spikes on the ceiling and floor, noticing they had dead Mario sprites impaled on them, determining these to be past Marios who tried to beat the level and failed. The Dead Marios come to life and chase the player into a pipe. The player then reaches a boss door, similar to the ones found throughout the game in castles.

After a Kodoma is shown on the screen when entering the boss door, Mike launches into doing his research to find out if this creepypasta pre-dated the Hell Valley Sky Demons from Super Mario Galaxy 2, which he determines Super Mario Galaxy 2 came first as there is no conclusive evidence to say the creepypasta came before the game since it was deleted from the Wikia and all other dates come after Galaxy 2's release.

Luigi is then revealed to be the one leaving the threatening and angry messages, tired of living in Mario's shadow and that he was actually a villain helping Bowser kidnap Peach the whole time. Luigi attacks Mario who ends up being forced to defend himself, knocking Luigi into the lava below as he screams "Oh God No" just like the level name as Mario sobs. After a few minutes, he's taken back to the overworld but can no longer enter "Oh God No." The player determines this to be an alternate ending purposely created by Nintendo.

The final ending of the game shows an image of Mario, Luigi and Peach. Mario is angry, Peach cries and Luigi is shown as a zombie.


Creepy Gaming - SUPER MARIO WORLD "I Hate You" Creepypasta

Creepy Gaming - SUPER MARIO WORLD "I Hate You" Creepypasta