TAILS DOLL Explained is the first episode of the third season of Creepy Gaming. It was originally uploaded on February 23, 2013.


Finally the wait is over! You wanted it? You got it! Season 3 of CREEPY GAMING has officially debuted! This will be the "Season of Highly Requested Episodes" In this Season 3 Premiere, xMulletMiKEx breaks down one of the most unexplainable cult phenomenons in modern history... The Tails Doll. Mike gives you a little background on the game Sonic R, goes over "The Tails Doll Curse" creepypasta, gives you his thoughts, all while trying to summon the possessed doll itself! Thanks for Watching!


Two friends named Gil and Noah are given a free copy of Sonic R at EB Games while searching for Sega Saturn titles. Arriving back at home, they find the title screen features Tails Doll while the song "Can You Feel the Sunshine?" plays in reverse. After only the first race, Super Sonic is unlocked and the two friends play as him. When they finish the race, the words "Challenger Approaching" appear followed by an image of Sonic being mutilated by Tails, a scream and maniacal laughter. Super Sonic begins moving on his own and they unlock Tails Doll. The TV begins to violently shake and in a fit of hysteria, Noah grabs a hammer and smashes it.

Gil and Noah go upstairs to play Sonic Adventure 2 when the doorbell rings over and over but nobody is there when they open. Noah waits and upon the next ring, he quickly opens it to find a bloody Tails Doll plushie on the doorstep. Noah brings it in and washes it off before resuming his game. Gil notices the doll moved upstairs as well while going to use the bathroom and Noah wants to play Sonic R again. Noah plays a tag game as the Tails Doll, who comes to life after the race and the two friends race for the front door but are stopped when the doll appears before them.

Noah is killed instantly by the doll while Gil grabs a nearby baseball bat and swings wildly but misses each time due to how quickly it moves and Tails Doll grabs the bat, breaking it in half. Gil races into Noah's parents bedroom and grabs a sword from his dad's ancient weapons collection and continues to swing but misses. Tails Doll catches the sword and kills Gil. When the police arrive, they find the dead bodies of Gil and Noah as well as the Sega Saturn/Sonic R but the weapons and Tails Doll are nowhere to be seen.

After his analysis, Mike tries two different methods to summon Tails Doll to convince viewers that it's all a load of bullshit: One involving Sonic R and the other done in a style similar to Bloody Mary. Both methods fail to summon Tails Doll, proving it to be just a regular creepypasta.